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About Us

Golden Point Trading Company has started its operation since 2008 in the area of imports all kinds of paper, cardboard, ink and cellulose products as well as imports of farming industry such as corn, press cake and etc. This company by Gods will and gaining lots of experiences in imports field, has become able to cooperate with creditable and great customers by providing distinct services to the final consumers such as printing houses, packaging industries, magazines, association of advertising and livestock, producers of livestock and poultrys food producers and etc.

In addition considering the previous knowledge and awareness of the factories and the best producers of South Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, India and other major and creditable producers of the world, this company tries its best to get the consumers orders and supply them with the lowest price and the best quality. Moreover in addition to imports Golden Point Trading Company is also active in export and production field.

Golden Point Trading Companys Goals:

  Imports development without limitation based on customers taste variation and kind of the product.
  Eliminating the traditional middlemen and reach to direct communication with customers in order to quote them with the best price.
  The customer orientation with the aim of attracting loyal customers considering the parameters of price and on time delivery.
  Creating the perfect space to introduce and offer different brands from all around the globe in the field of imports
  Consulting the customers and manufacturers about choosing the brand or type of product to reduce consumer spending.

Our Distinction:

  Utilization of qualified and experienced experts and consultants
  Using software related to customers relation management, in order to get information about the amount and type of consumer product.
  Quoting the customers with the best price and terms of payment desired by customers based on the imports volume.
  Direct contact with the final customer, and cutting out middlemen
  Reducing the costs of freight and storage by direct delivery from ports to customers warehouse.
  Getting customers orders of specific size and weight in order to reduce costs and waste materials.

Hope by considering companys experience in imports we meet our customers expectation and satisfaction. Modern and distinct services are provided in presenting the products and helping our customer to purchase directly from manufacturers and cut out the middlemen.


Golden Point Trading Company with extensive ties to agriculture section and Iranian producers of livestock and poultry is able to supply the best products of agriculture and livestock. The distinction and strength point of this company is supplying from the best and biggest manufacturers with highest quality and competitive prices, but what distinguishes the Golden Point Trading Company, is the attitude of export regarding to quality of delivery, packaging, and scheduling of the export products, and more importantly, supporting the requests in any measure of the orders from all over the world. So far the company has the chance to present its agricultural and livestock products such as pistachio, saffron, eggs, chicken and etc. in markets like the UAE, Russia, Iraq, and etc, looking forward to the bright future this company is looking to expand the international markets with increasing quality and customer satisfaction.